Reading Tips

Reading Tips



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Parents and kids reading Together can be fun as well as helpful.  Here are some ideas for you to use to assist your child in their reading.

Reading for Meaning

 Check for meaning by asking these questions while looking at the pictures..

  1. Did that make sense?
  2. What happened in the story when _______?

Word Attack Skills

When your child comes to a word they don't know, try some of these clues instead of giving them the word right away.

  1. Did that sound right?
  2. What sound / letter does it start with?
  3. What would you expect to see at the beginning, middle, and end?
  4. Point to the word.
  5. Can you find __________?
  6. Can you reread that?
  7. What is another word that might fit here?


Itis important that your child should learn to check himself / herself as he/she is reading.  Here are some suggestions to encourage 

  1. Why did you stop?
  2. Can you find the tricky part?
  3. Try that again.
  4. Are you right?

Throughout the year, we will focus on key comprehension strategies. By doing so, students become better readers, writers, and higher-level thinkers!  At home, encourage your children to use these types of strategies when reading.  

We will use good literature as a tool to explore and help improve our use of the following strategies...


 Making Connections: connect what you read to what you already know: (text-to-self, text-to-text, text-to-world)


 Creating Images: creating images in your mind as you read


Asking Questions: asking questions to help you understand


Determining Importance: thinking about the most important ideas


 Monitoring Understanding: checking to make sure you understand what you read


Using Fix-Up Strategies: using strategies when you get stuck on a word