Cultural Show and Tell

Schedule for Cultural Show and Tell (Coming Soon!)


The first grade classes would like to take some time to celebrate what makes each of our families special through an activity called “Culture Show and Tell.” Your child will be assigned a date where he/she can share something about his/her heritage, family traditions, or culture with the rest of the class during our Community period. Since it is a show and tell, he/she will present something to the class for 5-10 minutes. Below, are some ideas your child can choose for the Culture Show and Tell, or he/she can come up with his/her own idea!


  • Share copies of a special family recipe.

  • Play music that is specific to your family’s culture.

  • Bring and explain an item that your family uses to celebrate a holiday.

  • Teach the class some words from a language that your family speaks.

  • Show and explain a picture of a special family moment.

  • Speak about a family vacation and why it is special.

  • Tell a story about a special family tradition.