How to Study

You already have everything you need!

You have a notebook and folder with the work we covered. Reading material is already copied for you and should be in your folder/binder.

It is YOUR job to make sure you learn the material.   



What should I study for the test?

*Notes on the topic - found in your Google Classroom       

*Worksheets on the topic - found in your Google Classroom   

*Handouts on the topic - found in your Google Classroom  

*Classwork on the topic - found in your Google Classroom

*Mystery Science - uploaded video


How should I study for the test?

* Read through everything.  

* Ask a parent or other adult to quiz you on the material.

* Make up your own questions about the material.

* Have a quiet place to study away from phones and computers.

* Study a little bit each day instead of everything the night before the test.

* Ask for help if you need it.