Trep$ Program

Trep$ Schedule:

2022Trep$ was a success!  Until next year ! 

A sample of our meeting schedule:

10/11  3-4pm "Entering Entrepreneurship"

10/25  3-4pm "Money Matters"

11/1   3-4 pm "Marketing Magic"

11/8  3-4 pm "Ad-Venturing in Advertising"

11/15 3-4 pm "Sales Success"

11/30  3-4pm "Pre Marketplace Meet Up"

12/1  "Trep$ Marketplace"  - Students arrive at 4pm for pizza and set up.   Marketplace from 5-7pm.   Clean up from 7-7:30pm. Note (Snowdate 12/8)

12/2 3-4  "Reflection Meeting"  (Snowdate 12/9)


A Special Thank you To Visions Federal Credit Union For Their Support of Our Trep$ Program!  

Trep$ Website:

Trep$ Kick Off Video