Team Heaney happenings


What's Going on in Team Heaney?

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Here you can find a quick summary of what we are working on in each subject.

 Writing: We are continuing to work on Persuasive Writing. Students will write opinion pieces and provide reasons to support their opinions. Following this, we will begin writing biographies based on our research during reading time. 

 Reading:We will be finishing up our book clubs this month.  We have loved reading different series books and discussing them with our club mates!  Our next topic in reading will be biographies.  We will be reading biographies during this time and writing about them in our writing classes.

Math: We will continue to solve problems with regrouping and showing bar models to visualize our thinking.  This month, we will also begin learning about equal groups and arrays!

Word Study:Unit 9 will continue to focus on the r controlled syllables with er, ir, and ur.  We will then begin unit 10, which will teach us about double vowel syllables and the sounds of ai and ay.  We will also work with homophones in this unit. 


*REMEMBER*- MARCH -  Reading  Response, READ A NONFICTION BOOK share 2 facts you learned- it is due MARCH 26.