The Importance of Parental Involvement

Parents are an extremely important part in their child’s speech and language program.  Practice at home helps children to carry-over strategies learned in speech therapy across other settings.  Children who complete their program most quickly are those whose parents have been involved. The more a child practices the faster they will be able to progress!   Language is used all day, every day!  Parents are encouraged to implement their child’s speech or language goals into everyday activities.  It is also important that parents utilize strategies and stimulation activities that their speech therapist suggests at home to ensure carry-over and promote continued progress!

Other reasons that parental involvement is important:

· It can be motivating for a child to be reinforced both at home and in therapy.  This sends them the message that their goals are important across settings.
· Most children seek to please their parents.  If their parents are enthusiastic about working on their speech goals at home, the children will be motivated.
  •  Helps the child to generalize techniques and strategies used in speech therapy to the home and other settings, which helps to increase the rate of progress.