Just Right Books

How To Choose "Just Right" Books

               In order for children to read with fluency and comprehension, it is essential that most of the books that they read are on "just right" independent reading levels for them. It can sometimes be difficult to determine your child's "just right" independent reading level. The following guidelines apply to reading "just right" books: reading most words without getting stuck, reading smoothly with fluency at a good pace, understanding the story elements (characters, setting, problem, and solution), having some background knowledge of the book content, and being able to make connections, ask questions, and visualize the story. Here are some suggestions to help your child find his/her "just right" independent reading books.

                Ask your child to open a book to a middle page and read it. Have your child hold up one finger each time he/she doesn't know a word. One finger usually indicates that it is "too easy." Two or three fingers usually indicate that it is "just right." Four fingers can mean "almost right." Five fingers usually means that it is "too hard."


Click here to download Goldilocks' Rules For Choosing a "Just Right" Book: 

Goldilocks' Rules for Choosing "Just Right" Books 

Also, here are links to find books based on your child's reading level: