4th Grade

4th Grade Health Topics

Interpersonal Communication

Conflict Resolution





During class time students will work on various activities that will enrich the learning experience for students.

Homework/ Projects

Homework and projects will be checked for accuracy, quality and neatness.  Assignments will be given that relate to the topics that are being covered in class.  Homework assignments can be typed or hand written and must be turned in on the due date.  If a student turns his/her homework in late, the student will have until the next school day to submit the assignment.  If the assignment is not received, the student will lose one point each day the assignment is not turned in.  If the homework is not turned in after 3 days, the student will receive a zero.  Health homework assignments can be found on Google Classroom.


Class Work

Homework (-1 point everyday it is turned in late)

Projects (when applicable)

Being Prepared