Helpful Websites

Helpful Websites

Below are websites that will aid your child with school work
and provide additional reinforcement.

Culture Show and Tell

Worksheet to share your family Tradition

Sources for Pineapple Press

Scholastic News

Choose Login as student

Enter student code:  grade2wcl

Science News for Students


Scholastic News

National Geographic Kids

Ranger Rick Jr.

Newsela :  When using this website you may need to log in.  It is free to create an account or feel free to use my information

Password: dorchester53

To find an article choose News from the top bar and select Kids

Make sure you choose a text level at grade 2 -  Feel free to choose any article of interest.  

Other Helpful Websites

Math Puzzles
Greg Tang has created real brain busters.  Put your addition, and subtraction skills to the test.  Can you beat your best score?  Only practice will help.


Many fun and motivating games for students to use to improve Math Skills.

Our math review website:
Here students can practice and reinforce skills they have learned in the classroom. It allows for skill review in a fun and rewarding way.  Students can participate in games that allow them to apply skills.

Children's Dictionary:
This website enables your child to look up the meaning words from their reading or spelling list.  Insert the word in the search box on the right hand side.  The level may be adjusted.  This great website allows you to create quizzes and puzzles as well as glossaries.

Search Engine:
This website allows students to conduct research in a safe way.  It enables your child to explore the valuable resources of the internet without being exposed to inappropriate material.  Do remember, when we research we need to make sure we are looking at a credible website with valuable information.

Online articles and resources:
Below are some great websites where students can view and read informative, kid friendly non-fiction articles:
national geographic for kids
TIME for kids