Just Right Book

reading is my super power


There are many different strategies and ways we can help ourselves become stronger readers.  We need to make sure we are reading the "right" book.  We also need to make sure that we are understanding what we read.  Understanding or comprehending our books can be in a number of different ways.  Read below to learn how to pick the "right" book at home and to see all the different comprehension strategies we discuss in class.

How to Pick a "Just Right" Book:

Students know that reading a "Just Right" book should help them practice their skills and be an enjoyable experience. Here is a tip in order to help your child pick a book that is "Just Right" for him or her.

1.  Read the first page of text
2.  Use the five finger rule:
          More than 5 unknown words the book is too difficult
          If there are less than 5 move on to Step 3
          3.  If there is 0- 2 difficult words, make sure the book isn't too easy
4.  Do I understand what I have read? 
          Can the child retell and explain what happen on the page?
5. If so the book appears "Just Right"

5 finger rule