3rd Grade Constitution

The third grade teachers developed a classroom discipline plan which affords student guidance in making positive decisions about his/her behavior and thus an opportunity to learn in a positive, nurturing classroom environment. A child deserves the most positive educational climate possible for his/her growth, and together we will make a difference in this process. The plan below outlines our classroom rules, rewards and consequences for appropriate and inappropriate behavior.


1.      Be on time and prepared to learn with an open mind.

2.      Raise your hand and wait to be called upon.

3.      Remain silent while others are speaking.

4.      Keep body parts and objects to yourself.

5.      Be courteous and kind to others.

In order to encourage students to follow our rules, we will have a cooperative group rewards system that fosters collaboration but also encourages individual drive.

If a student decides to break a rule, the following steps will be taken:

First time breaking rule Nonverbal Warning
Second time Verbal Warning
Third time Loss of free time snack/free time
Fourth time Call home
Fifth time Removed from cooperative group
Severe disruption Send to administration