The Collaborative Teaching Models  



These are various models that we use in the mainstream classroom. 

Complementary Instruction

The collaborative teacher compliments the existing lesson.  The regular classroom teacher is responsible for teaching the content while the collaborative teaching simultaneously teaches study skills and strategies. 

Supportive Instruction

The collaborative teacher adapts instruction to meet the needs of the individual students.  While the regular education teacher is teaching content the collaborative teacher is actively working with individual students to help them participate successfully in the lesson making modifications as needed. 

Team Teaching

The regular education teacher and the collaborative teacher team teach, dividing responsibilities for planning, teaching, and evaluating.  While each teacher brings his/her own experience and expertise to the team, their roles are interchangeable. 

Parallel Teaching

The regular education teacher and the collaborative teacher divide the class into two groups.  The content of the lesson is the same, though teachers use different materials or strategies to help their students meet the same goals.  Students are placed in groups based on teacher decision, not classification.

Remedial Instruction

While the regular education teacher works with the class, the collaborative teacher works with a small group, providing remedial instruction.  Membership in this group is determined by need rather than classification.  Content may be different, but is within the scope and sequence of objectives for the curriculum.

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