Homework Strategies  


A Parent's Role in Homework:

Parents play an important role in helping their child believe that time spent completing homework can and does make a difference in a successful school year.  Some tips in helping your child have a positive experience in completing homework assignments are as follows:

  • Stress the importance of homework by providing a time and place with all the necessary supplies.

  • Provide your child with a clear table or desk to work on, good lighting, and a comfortable chair.

  • Make sure the homework area is free from background distractions of loud noises (television, conversations, pets, etc..).

  • Some children work best with "white noise" soft instrumental music playing in the background.

  • Each day say to your child, "Tell me about your homework."  Rather than asking your child if he/she has homework.

  • Children perform best in a supportive atmosphere.  Reinforce your belief that homework is important by supporting, encouraging, and praising your child's efforts.

  • If your child is working hard but is having disappointing results, reassure him/her that some subjects are more difficult than others.  Help your child to see and understand his/her individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • Listen to or discuss the main points of a homework assignment with your child.

  • To make sure your child understands the assignment, together work on one or two examples.

  • After the homework is completed, make sure your child places the finished product into his/her backpack.

  • Designate a place (close to the door) to keep the backpack so it is readily available for the next morning.

  • Communicate with your child's teacher when more information is needed about assignments.

  • Help your child become his/her own advocate to discuss homework assignments with his/her teacher. 

  • Look over your child's homework after it has been corrected by the teacher.  Have your child tell you about the errors and how to correct them.  


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