RAZ Kids

Here are the steps to get your child setup for raz-kids:

1. Go tohttp://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login

You should see the following screen with our class names.


2. Click on your child's name. The password will then be your child's first name along with his/her number birthday month and date.


Name: John Smith

Password:   John99 (for Sept. 9th birthday)


5. On the top right of their page is a "Parent" link so you can register your email to login as a parent and monitor your child's progress on raz-kids!

We request that your child meets but not exceeds the two books per week.  The eBooks can be used on the  homework log sheet. Please help monitor that your child is actually reading or listening to each page of the eBook and not skipping the pages. Your child should read the whole book before answering the quiz questions.


Here is a suggested schedule for how to best incorporate Raz-Kids into your child’s reading!

Monday:       Read a new book.

Tuesday:       Reread Monday’s book or listen to it, and then take the quiz.


Wednesday:  Read a new book.

Thursday:     Reread Wednesday’s book or listen to it, and then take the quiz.

Thank you so much for your your help!

Happy reading!