Star Student Schedule & Activities


Star Student Week of Activities

Monday: Picture Share

Send in photos of your child as a baby, toddler, and now. We will display them in the classroom and they will be returned at the end of the week.


Tuesday: Item Share

Have your child bring in 1-2 items they would like to share with the class. Try to encourage your child to choose items that have some sort of meaning to him/her rather than just a collection of toys.


Wednesday: Poster Share

Share the “All about Me” poster with the class. Please feel free to use crayons and markers and make sure the poster is colorful and completely filled out. The poster will be displayed on our Star Student of the Week bulletin board!


Thursday: Favorite Book

Have your child bring in his/her favorite picture book that will be shared and read to the class. (If you or a family member would like to surprise your child and come to read the book to the class, please contact me prior to your child's Star Week to setup a date/time!)


Friday:  Star Friends

Your star student will be presented with notes from the class with positive messages about your child!


                  Star Student Schedule


Star Students

Week of

Jack Angerame

October 21

Haylee Burkowitz

November 11

Alexa Bittman

November 18

Gavin Burghoff

December 2

Haley Bronstein

December 9

Brayden Coban

January 6

Jake Foster

January 13

Stella Fridman

January 20

Jayden Han

January 27

Tenley Kurkjian

February 3

Colbie Maged

February 10

Logan Nietsche

February 24

Joseph Oliveri

March 2

Claire Russo

March 9

Austin Teitelbaum

March 30

Abdulrahman Salem

April 13

Harrison Scheingold

April 20

Ibrahim Sheikh April 27