Board of Education

The Woodcliff Lake School District is part of the public school system in the state of New Jersey. This state system is governed by the state's Department of Education, led by the Commissioner of Education and subject to legislative control by the Governor and State Legislators, all elected public officials. Education laws in the state direct much of the activity in the public schools of the state. These laws call for individually elected school boards who govern the day-to-day activities in the school districts. This mechanism provides state oversight and a degree of local control allowing each community to determine the level of taxation which, in turn, drives the opportunities available to local children.

In Woodcliff Lake, the community established the school District in 1892. Two years later, the community built its first school building: a one-room stone building with the cornerstone set in 1895. This building served as the foundation to an elaborate complex that now houses approximately 900 students. The District is governed by a seven-member school board that meets on a monthly basis to conduct the business of the District. Board seats last three years in length. There are annual elections which serve to replace or renew the seat of at least one member. One to three board seats are subject to election each year.

The Board of Education employs a School Superintendent, a Business Administrator and Building-level Administrators to manage the District under the supervision and guidance of the Board. The business meetings in the District are announced through local newspapers; agendas and summaries of the actions taken are available on this website. The meetings are conducted following Robert's Rules of Order.

Board Members