School Safety Procedures

Last Updated: 9/17/2020 12:02 PM


School doors are locked at all times.  All visitors must ring the doorbell at the Main Office on the upper level (100 Dorchester Road). Visitors will be properly vetted, must sign in, and will be directed to the appropriate location in the school.

Parents are to help organize their children at home and help them pack snacks, homework, etc., as needed.  ONLY SNACKS, EYEGLASSES, AND MEDICATION arriving late may be dropped off.  All items are to be dropped in the box outside the Upper Level main entrance.  Please ring the bell so the main office staff may retrieve the items promptly.

Students or parents who need to retrieve an item from the building after school must also ring the doorbell at the Main Office so that staff members may accompany them to the correct location. The Main Office is open daily until 4:00 p.m., so please arrive prior to that time.    NOTE:  Do not ask After-the-Bell staff to admit you as they are not authorized to admit anyone into the building.

Students will NEVER open the doors to any individual – known or unknown!



All PFA Enrichment classes are being held virtually.  Visit the PFA website for details. 



School doors remain locked during After-the-Bell hours.  Parents of students enrolled in the program should remain in their cars and use the PikMyKid app to “announce” their arrival.  As an alternative, you may call 201-930-5600 ext. 192 to advise staff of your arrival.