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School Safety Procedures



School doors are locked at all times.  All must be buzzed in.  After-school hours, students and parents must be buzzed in to collect items students have forgotten.  The Main Office is open daily until 4:00, so please arrive prior to that time.  Report to the Office to determine if the teacher/classroom is available for retrieving items.  NOTE:  Do not ask After-the-Bell staff to admit you into the building as they are authorized to admit only parents of students enrolled in the After-the-Bell program.

Visitors are buzzed into the Main Office, sign in, attend their appointment, and then return to the Main Office to sign out.  They also must wear visitors’ badges.

Parents help organize their children at home and help them pack school lunches, instruments, homework, etc., as needed.  ONLY LUNCHES, EYEGLASSES, AND MEDICATION arriving late may be dropped off.  Lunches are to be dropped in the box outside the Upper Level main entrance.  Please ring bell if dropping off eyeglasses or medication.

Former students visit Dorchester by appointment only.  Classroom teachers must be notified of visits with one-day’s advance notice.

Students will NEVER open the doors to any individual – known or unknown!



All chaperones and instructors will report to the Main Office, sign in, and wear visitors’ badges.

All students in after-school enrichment activities will be picked up in the lunchroom at 3:45. Please be on time. You may arrive as early as few minutes before the end of class.

All caregivers are asked to make eye contact with the chaperone so he/she is fully aware you have your child, so please tell your babysitter, grandparent, etc!

For Gym classes, you must enter by the Main Office to pickup your child in the lunchroom.  Parents may NOT pickup from the lower level entrance into the Gym. 

All caregivers and students must exit the building through the main doors by the Main Office. 



School doors remain locked during After-the-Bell hours.  Parents of students enrolled in the program must enter the lunchroom by the door closest to the main entrance and be admitted by After-the-Bell employees.